The #Minimalism Pics That Make Us Want To Live The Simple Life

Looking at the #minimalism and #minimalist hashtags on Instagram is something of a wake-up call.

The message, loud and clear, is “de-clutter, IMMEDIATELY.”

Divesting ourselves of all superfluous material possessions, though, is a pretty hard feat.

I should know, I regularly attempt to do it  and my cupboards are still bulging full, the doors straining against the weight of too many things I couldn’t quite part with.

So, in the spirit of #minimalism, here is an assortment of calm, pleasing and anti-fussy pictures, to inspire us to do something about our overly full lives.

[All Photos: Instagram]

Idle Hands

By @crystaljohnson_

Serene Gazing

By @msminimalist

The Thrill Of Empty Nests

By @easywaypic

Everything Low Down

By @designkey


By @designkey

Clean Living

By @sarahonaplane

All White

By @mueblesmodulus


By @isapinya

Even In Accessory

By @vainicious