Amazing Treehouses Around The World

Arboreal living is a Thing - honest! With the news that you can now erect your own tent treehouse, we took a look at the coolest treehouses around the world. And the good news is that you can stay in a lot of them

A Tent Treehouse

Dutch arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne designed this portable treehouse in collaboration with the French arboreal society Trees and People. Imagine! A treehouse you can take wherever you want!

And by night

It glows in the florest

Safari Treehouse

Get closer to the animals at the Kingston Treehouse at Lion Sands Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Birdhouse Treehouse

Pretend to be in a bird box in this bird-apartment by Nendo at the Momofuku Ando nature centre in Komoro, Japan

Arty Treehouse

A temporary art project tree house ar Terunobu Fujimori & Nobumichi Oshima in 2006 Photo: Masuda Akihisa

Free Spirit Spheres

Eve, Eryn and Melody [the names of the spheres] are available for overnight rental on Vancouver Island near Qualicum Bay

Eco Treehouse

La Piantata is an eco B&B built around an 800 year old oak tree. Oh how we want to stay…

The Quiet Treehouse

This was unveiled at last year’s Ideal Homes Show - aimed at creating a mystical space evoking the spirit of the forest. It was a joint venture between John Lewis, Quiet Mark and Blue Forest

Restaurant Treehouse

Now a restaurant and venue, the Redwoods Treehouse in New Zealand was originally built as a marketing gimick by Yellow Pages

Mirror Treehouse

You can stay in the Mirrorcube by TreeHotel in Sweden

Tallest Treehouse

British Colombia’s tallest treehouse is a visitor attraction in The Enchanted Forest