Post Malone is going to become a 'hot dad'

Post Malone on becoming a dad credit:Bang Showbiz
Post Malone on becoming a dad credit:Bang Showbiz

Post Malone is going to be a "hot dad."

The 26-year-old rap star is expecting a baby with his mystery girlfriend - whose identity he has never revealed publicly - and is "pumped beyond belief" because he used to play with a baby doll when he was a kid.

He said: "I’m pumped beyond belief…I think, as a kid, I was like four or five, and I had this little baby I would carry around everywhere…it was a baby doll. And I thought that was the coolest thing. I would take him around everywhere. And I don’t know how long that lasted. But my mom still has it. And I guess I’m so pumped up. I’m going to be a hot dad. DILF."

However, the 'Better Now' hitmaker - whose real name is Austin Richard post - went on to explain that he is "terrified" of the future because it is going to be a "crazy" world to bring a child up in.

He told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1: "I am terrified. I’m terrified. There is this sense of impending apocalypse, especially here in LA. In Utah, I’m like, okay, whatever you want. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to rock. I got food. I got everything else I need…I have food for 25 years. Semi prepper. I guess now prepping, no matter what happens, take care of my family. That’s the most important thing. Be able to take care of people who need it, move a little bit out, have a spot where you’re able to go.

"And I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but it’s just a crazy, crazy, crazy time. In LA I step outside and I hear a noise and I’m like, what was that noise? Dude, especially out here, I don’t know. The world is hot. It’s very hot. There’s disease. There’s people trying to hurt each other over nothing. I don’t know. It’s a crazy world and it’s a crazy place to raise a kid. I think any parent would agree."