This Portable Cocktail Hack Is Genius

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Jam Jar Cocktails Are The Ultimate Summer VibeGetty

For us, summer = al fresco drinks. If you're lucky enough to have a garden, yard or balcony, you can breeze in and out of your home with glassware galore. However, some cocktail fans have to go elsewhere to experience the feeling of sipping your favourite drink under the sunshine.

Now, we know you'll be thinking "that's what bars are for, obviously." But if you're on a budget or just fancy stepping out into a local park or beach with something homemade, then you're going to be in need of a solution.

That's where chef and food writer Alexandra Dudley's genius portable cocktail hack comes in.

Earlier this week, she posted a video showing her "jam jar cocktails" which has since had over 1.3 million views! She's giving the people what they want.

In the video, Alexandra fills two jam jars with ice, pours over neat Campari and clamps on the lid before walking to the park to meet her brother for a cocktail catchup. There's no risk of spillage, and the jar looks pretty cute too!

We love this hack, and although some people in the comments weren't happy about the neat Campari (it's an Italiano vibe), others were fans of the money-saving hack.

This hack could work with pretty much any cocktail, but we love the idea of making cocktails usually served in a tumbler on the rocks in a jam jar, so Negronis, an Old Fashioned or even a Bramble would be absolutely delicious.