Going Green: The 10 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Baby Names

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We’ve all heard of ‘earth mothers’ – but how about an ‘earth baby’?

If you want to invest your child with a keen sense of connection to the world around them – and ensure they take care of it – why not consider a name inspired by the environment?

In a bid to discover the best green names, Save On Energy collated an extensive list of names related to plants, nature and the earth. They then analysed the top 500 names listed in Nameberry’s top baby names of 2020 to discover which names ranked the highest.

We have a wealth of baby name inspiration on HuffPost UK Parents, but here are 10 of our favourites for a budding eco-warrior.


These Unique Baby Names Are Inspired By The Great Outdoors

(Photo: moodboard via Getty Images)
(Photo: moodboard via Getty Images)


Luna is the most popular eco-friendly baby name for girls, and comes from the Latin word luna meaning ‘moon’.


Of English origin, the name Oliver comes from the name for ‘olive tree’.


The Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora is unique, unusual and doubles up as the name for natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights.


The name Jasper comes from the gemstone by the same name. It is usually red, yellow, brown or green – and, rarely, blue.


Isla, meaning ‘island’ in Spanish, is a popular sustainable girl’s name – and the fifth most popular girl’s name in the UK, according to Nameberry.


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(Photo: yaoinlove via Getty Images)
(Photo: yaoinlove via Getty Images)


Greek for ‘lion’, the name Leo can also be a nickname for those named Leopold, or Leonard.


Comes from the hazel tree, and became a popular name for girls in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Kai represents water in a number of languages – in Hawaiian, it means means ‘the sea’; while in Japanese, it’s ‘ocean’ or ‘shell’.


Ivy comes from the popular, pretty, creeping plant. It signifies being faithful – Ancient Greeks even gave ivy wreaths to newlyweds.


Named after the mythical Titan who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, Titan means great strength.


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