Revealed: The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2021 So Far

Olivia continues to be the most popular baby name for girls, but Oliver may have lost its reign among the boys.

Parenting site BabyCentre has been tracking the popularity of names so far in 2021. Olivia was once again found to be the most popular baby name for girls – it topped the latest list and has officially been the most popular name in England and Wales according to registry data for four years in a row.

The top five names for girls in the new report also included Emma, Amelia, Ava and Sophia.

Meanwhile Noah was named the top name for boys so far in 2021. This marks a shift from the most recent Office for National Statistics data, where Oliver has been top for seven years in a row. In the 2020 ONS report, Noah came in third, beaten by George in second.

The latest BabyCentre report suggests Liam, Oliver, Elijah and Lucas are the most popular baby names so far this year. Here are the top 60 results overall.

(Photo: Manuel Breva Colmeiro via Getty Images)
(Photo: Manuel Breva Colmeiro via Getty Images)

30 most popular girls names of 2021 so far

  1. Olivia

  2. Emma

  3. Amelia

  4. Ava

  5. Sophia

  6. Isabella

  7. Mia

  8. Charlotte

  9. Gianna

  10. Luna

  11. Ella

  12. Evelyn

  13. Aria

  14. Harper

  15. Mila

  16. Ellie

  17. Camila

  18. Blessings

  19. Casi

  20. Ryilee

  21. Layla

  22. Aurora

  23. Nova

  24. Scarlett

  25. Avery

  26. Lily

  27. Riley

  28. Elena

  29. Madison

  30. Sofia

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30 most popular boys names of 2021 so far

  1. Noah

  2. Liam

  3. Oliver

  4. Elijah

  5. Lucas

  6. Mason

  7. Levi

  8. Benjamin

  9. James

  10. Logan

  11. Asher

  12. Aiden

  13. Mateo

  14. Ethan

  15. Leo

  16. William

  17. Sebastian

  18. Grayson

  19. Leriel

  20. Eero

  21. Cristopher

  22. Jackson

  23. Jack

  24. Michael

  25. Wyatt

  26. Daniel

  27. Henry

  28. Muhammad

  29. Carter

  30. Alexander

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