The New POPSUGAR Fitness Kettlebell at Target Is Helping Me Get Stronger Every Day

Confession time: I've always been intimated by kettlebells. I felt like they were deceptively heavy, and I always preferred to just stick to a dumbbell. But with the new POPSUGAR fitness line at Target coming out, I decided to be a little adventurous and try out the kettlebell ($34, originally $45), and I'm so glad I did.

The kettlebell I have weighs 15 pounds, and as someone who's only recently getting into strength training, it was a lot for me at first. I remember unpacking it from the box and thinking, "Oh, this is going to be a lot of weight." But actually, it's a great medium to heavy weight for me. I use it primarily for weighted squats, and I love using it in place of a dumbbell with certain exercises because I feel like I can grip it better. Plus, it's given me a lot more confidence in the amount of weight I'm able to lift. From an aesthetic perspective, there's a lot to love; it's a bright pink shade, which always makes me smile, and the neoprene material is super durable, so even when I'm super sweaty, it doesn't slip. If you've been looking for an addition to your home gym, do yourself a favor and pick up this kettlebell.

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