Policeman accused of murder 'groomed emergency workers' to have affairs

Steven Morris
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A police officer accused of murdering a nurse when she threatened to reveal their affair to his wife “groomed” women from the emergency services, a jury has been told.

PC Timothy Brehmer, who allegedly killed Claire Parry in a pub car park in Dorset, told women: “You are the only one for me”, Salisbury crown court heard.

DC Kate Rhodes told jurors she fell in love with Brehmer, 41, but ended their relationship when she found out he was married to another police officer.

Rhodes said he had made her feel “like a piece of meat” by sending her explicit texts while she was on holiday with her husband.

She told the court she suspected Brehmer had affairs with emergency services workers and described him as “a groomer who has a tool kit he uses on every woman he encounters”.

Jurors also heard from mother-of-two Parry’s widower, police officer Andrew Parry, about how he grew suspicious of his wife’s 10-year affair with Brehmer.

He found Valentine’s Day cards and budget hotel key cards and took to tracking his wife, also 41, using a mobile phone.

The court has heard Brehmer allegedly murdered Parry after she threatened to reveal their affair to his wife. Just before she was attacked, Parry sent a text to his wife from his phone saying: “I’m cheating on you.”

It is alleged Brehmer “angrily and deliberately” strangled Parry in the car park of the Horns Inn in West Parley, Dorset. Brehmer, a Dorset officer, admits manslaughter but denies murder, claiming he was “robustly” trying to get her out of his car.

Rhodes and Parry discussed Brehmer on Facebook, the court heard. Parry told Rhodes she was “embarking on a long and slow downfall of Mr man-whore Brehmer”, while Rhodes dubbed it Project downfall.

In a statement read out in court, Brehmer’s wife, Martha Brehmer, also a police detective, said she frantically phoned and called her husband fearing he had been in an accident at the time of the killing.

She said she believed her husband was out picking up steak for a barbecue when he was in fact meeting Parry.

She said: “I was getting really concerned as I thought he might have had an accident. I was now very worried. I sent a text saying I was thinking of calling the police.”

The trial continues.

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