Police Theorize Man Rescued From Collapsed Tunnel in Rome Was Attempting Bank Robbery

Police in Italy said they have not ruled out the possibility that a man rescued from a collapsed tunnel in Rome on Thursday, August 11, was attempting to carry out a bank robbery, according to a police statement to AFP.

Footage released by the fire and rescue service shows crews digging a hole to reach the man. He was trapped for eight hours under Via Innocenzo XI near the Vatican, according to the fire service.

According to Sky TG24, investigations were underway to determine if the man and three other people were attempting to reach a bank after digging into the earth from a vacant store. There are two banks located hundreds of meters from the collapse site, the outlet said.

News outlet Corriere della Sera said there were a number of other theories as to why the man was in a makeshift tunnel, including illegal construction.

Sky TG24 said the man was due to be released from the hospital on Friday. The outlet said two people linked to the incident were arrested on charges of resisting a public official, but investigators had not found evidence they were part of a group trying to dig a tunnel to commit theft. Credit: Vigili del Fuoco via Storyful

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