Police issue statement over Katie Price's terrifying 'acid attack' as witnesses are urged to come forward

Katie Price has been left understandably shaken after her distinctive pink Range Rover was reportedly attacked with acid last week.

The 46 year old mother of five is amidst moving out of her Sussex home, the so-called Mucky Mansion, while facing the challenges of double bankruptcy and eviction notices. Following the incident on the night of 25th May, police were notified about the damage to Katie's vehicle.

The next day, Katie expressed her outrage on social media by sharing pictures of the damage and condemning those responsible. Authorities are now seeking witnesses, with a statement released saying: "Officers engaged with the informant to identify any viable lines of enquiry."

Katie Price
Katie Price with the pink car that was vandalised -Credit:Insta/Katie Price

Further comments to The Sun included: "No reasonable lines of enquiry have been identified at this stage, but anyone with information that could help is asked to contact police online or via 101, quoting serial 1053 of 26/05.", reports the Mirror.

On her podcast, The Katie Price Show, dated May 28th, Katie discussed the unnerving event, stating: "So, my house is in the middle of nowhere, and I've had nothing but bad luck in that house. It doesn't matter what it is, it's bad luck. I can't wait to get out of it, like I've said on this show.

"Now, what's really scary is, a few months ago, people vandalised my gates, saying you f***g whore, and all of that. I've had lots of incidents, and now my car was parked by my front door and there's other cars parked there. Someone has thrown acid all over my pink Range Rover."

Katie Price
Katie has relocated after she was presented with an eviction notice for Mucky Mansion -Credit:Instagram/Katie Price

Reflecting on the severity of the attack, Katie said: "So I thought, 'acid is serious' and for someone to actually go and buy that quantity, to then think they can go a hundred metres up my driveway in the middle of nowhere and pour that on my car when we're all in bed asleep and I didn't hear anything."

She took immediate action by contacting the authorities, who advised her to leave her infamous Mucky Mansion at once, advice she was quick to take. The celebrity mum also opened up to her followers last Friday about her eagerness to abandon the notorious mansion after enduring years of bad luck and struggling with its upkeep as it fell into disrepair.

Katie Price's new home
Katie Price has moved out of Mucky Mansion and into a new four-bed home -Credit:Rightmove

During a live recording of The Katie Price Podcast in London, she confessed to the crowd: "I absolutely have hated my mansion. I tell you why, nine years of hell I've had there. Fly-tipping, it's haunted... and I am living with it. And whoever buys that house, good luck! I hate it."

In a recent development, it was revealed that Katie has been ordered to leave her residence following her bankruptcy declaration. In preparation for her departure, she has put various home items up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Although initially given until 29th May to move out after receiving an eviction notice, Katie has since been granted an extension until 26th June to clear out of the sprawling country home.