This Podcast Is Required Listening for Anyone Who Deals With Negative Self-Talk

Claudia Canavan

From Women's Health

What sort of language peppered your internal monologue when you got dressed this morning? Was it uplifting and kind – or brutal and derisory?

There's every chance that the latter won out. As part of our Project Body Love Initiative, Women's Health commissioned a piece of research exploring how women in the UK feel about the way that they look. The results? Scary.

Only 4% of UK women feel beautiful, with 55% saying that looking at themselves in the mirror or in photos triggers insecurity. Straight up: only 6% of you describe yourselves as 'body confident.'

This November, WH have set out to change this, via a 30 day series of podcasts, all lasting just three to five minutes and released first thing every morning– so, ideal for that time spent choosing your outfit or brushing your teeth.

Hosted by body confidence advocate, Jada Sezer, all the info is drawn from evidence-based programmes and body image research. The idea is that this podcast will provide you with a daily dose of body love.

To do that, we’ll cover a range of theories, tasks and techniques to arm you with the knowledge and understanding you need to begin to build a better relationship with your body.

So, how does it work? Each slot will target different societal aspects as to why so many feel the way they do – and encourage you to set the right intentions to learn to appreciate your wonderful, human, body.

When it comes to working it into your life for maximum benefit, we’d recommend tuning into the series in order, over 30 days, and, if possible, listening at a similar time each day. This way you can really settle in and create a routine.

Head here to find a link to get listening via your device.

For more helpful and advice please visit our Project Body Love page, and don’t forget to share your progress with us @womenshealthuk.

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