Platypus Beak Shoes Is The Weirdest, Cutest Trend To Come Out Of Fashion Week So Far

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A few things have become staple at New York Fashion Week.

Recently, we've relied on the American capital to lead the way for model diversity (as seen again this season at brands like Rachel Comey, Chromat and Prabal Gurung), plus they've usually got first dibs on some of the U.S. supers, like Bella Hadid (who has walked consistently for the AW19 shows, including Ralph Lauren) and Gigi Hadid, who walked for Tom Ford.

One can also usually rely on NYFW to offer a bit of Kanye West drama, of which there was some this February.

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Outlandish fashion moments are fewer and further between though, the 'ready-to-wear' nature of the show season is usually observed rather concertedly by New York's designers.

That being said, there is a small, but growing trend at NYFW, which has slipped through the lips of a number of fashion commentators. Namely, platypus bill shoes.

Firstly, what is a platypus?

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A platypus (often referred to as a 'duck-billed platypus') is a mammal that lives half int he water and half out, a bit like an otter. Unlike an otter, though, the platypus doesn't have that adorable, naughty little face, but rather a large beak (or bill) that is at the same time square and round.

Basically, a rectangular overall shape, but with blunt, rounded off corners.

And What Is A Platypus-Bill Shoe?

Well, not actually a fashion term with any real legacy, but it's a term that certain people in the fashion industry are coining for a shoe with a toe-shape that resembles the platypus beak.

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Not merely a shoe with a square toe (we hear you mumbling), as we saw make a renaissance at the SS19 shows, this is a shoe or boot with a slightly bulkier, plumper shape, a square-ended toe, with rounded corners - very much like the platypus bill.

Brands that have sent the platypus beak shoes down the runway include Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Rachel Comey, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Eckhaus Latta and Proenza Schouler.

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Photo credit: Getty Images

If you're into it, but want to kick off your new obsession with a simple square toe for sprint, we've got a few shopping steals for you:

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