Plaster brand brings back its multi-toned options for every skin colour

Band-Aid is bringing back more inclusive options (Getty Images)
Band-Aid is bringing back more inclusive options (Getty Images)

In February, Tesco became the first UK supermarket to launch plasters in different skin tones.

Now, one of the largest global providers of plasters, Band-Aid, has announced it will also be introducing a more diverse range of colour options.

Back in 2005, they launched - and then took off sale - a product line catering to non-white customers, citing a lack of demand.

The latest decision, they revealed in a post on Instagram, had been made in response to the current Black Lives Matter movement.

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Captioning an illustration of their upcoming product line, they wrote: “We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, collaborators and community in the fight against racism, violence and injustice.

“We are committed to taking actions to create tangible change for the Black community.⁣

”We are committed to launching a range of bandages in light, medium and deep shades of Brown and Black skin tones that embrace the beauty of diverse skin.

“We are dedicated to inclusivity and providing the best healing solutions, better representing you.⁣”

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The American company also told CNN that they would be donating $100,000 - approximately £79,000 - to the Black Lives Matter cause.

According to their website, their plasters first appeared in US shops in 1921.

They released clear options in the 1950s, but didn’t offer products specifically catering to different skin tones until their 'Perfect Blend' line in 2005.

However, this was discontinued due to what they claim was a “lack of interest at the time”.

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Social media users were pleased by the new announcement, and left more than 180,000 ‘likes’.

However, many suggested that it shouldn’t have taken the company this long to be more inclusive.

There are other plaster brands that have been specifically catering to non-white skin tones for a while - including Browndages and SKIN BANDAGES by Nuditone.

The move comes after Tesco unveiled an own-brand range of fabric plasters in different skin tones earlier this year.

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They are available in light, medium and dark skin shades, and can be purchased in all stores nationwide and online.

The company developed the plasters following a viral post on Twitter in April 2019 from a man revealing how emotional he felt putting a on a plaster that matched his skin tone for the very first time.

Dominique Apollon wrote: “It's taken me 45 trips around the sun, but for the first time in my life I know what it feels like to have a ‘band-aid’ in my own skin tone.

“You can barely even spot it in the first image. For real I'm holding back tears.”

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