The Plain £55 Sneakers Kate Middleton and Alexa Chung Have Worn for Years

Elinor Block

Alexa Chung and the Duchess of Cambridge have a surprising amount in common, especially when it comes to fashion. They’re both partial to a floral dress (Erdem, if possible) and have appeared on the front cover of Vogue. But the biggest and perhaps most surprising thing they share? Their love for Superga sneakers. Alexa even became the face of the brand in 2011. She went on to create her own collaboration with the sneakers and her AlexaChung label, which features satin high-top styles in gold and white, along with darker hues.

Generally, both of them prefer to wear the more simple designs in either white or black with floral dresses or more casual looks such as skinny jeans and culottes (for Kate) or denim shorts (for Alexa). But what is it about these inexpensive sneakers that entice both these women who dress very differently? It's a simple answer really: These trainers work with everything. They don't belong to the in-your-face school of clumpy, "dad" sneakers, but they're elegant enough to make an, albeit, small statement.

But perhaps the best bit of all? They're completely affordable, which means everyone else can try dressing like a member of the Royal family or a fashion A-lister. Ready to see how Alexa and Kate style them? Keep scrolling to see their looks, and then shop our edit of the best styles.

Style Notes: The classic off-duty look from Kate Middleton in skinny black jeans and a great khaki coat. 

Style Notes: For visiting the Chelsea flower show this year, the Duchess of Cambridge wore her Superga sneaker with culottes. 

Style Notes: Black jeans and a stripy top is surely the easiest way to wear these sneakers? 

Style Notes: Kate often wears these sneakers for her more casual events. 

Style Notes: If the skinny jeans and stripy top works, why change it? 

Style Notes: Alexa's signature Superga combo is wearing them with a dress. 

Style Notes: Alexa proves that Superga sneakers look great with a pair of dungarees and a Dior bag. 

Style Notes: Thanks to her collaboration with the brand, Alexa's AlexaChung saint Superga sneakers look great with a pretty pink dress. 

Style Notes: For an edgier way to wear them, opt for a dark colour and wear with denim shorts and a patterned shirt. 


Superga 2750 Trainers White (£50)

Superga 2555 Trainers Off White Exclusive (£60)

Superga 2790 Linea Flatform Chunky Trainers In White (£57)

Superga 2790 Exclusive White Chunky Trainers With Rainbow Laces (£60)

Superga 2790 Espadrille Flatform Trainers in White (£62)

Superga 2750 Classic Canvas Trainers in Black (£50)

Superga 2750 Trainers Leopard (£60)

Superga 2750 Trainers Pristine Leather Floral Exclusive (£65)

Superga Silver Metallic 2750 Cotu Classic Trainers (£60)

Superga Leather 2750 Trainers (£70)

Superga Metallic 2750 Cotu Classic Trainers (£60)

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Trainers (£50)

Superga Snake 2750 Trainers (£60)

Superga Navy Canvas 2790 Flatform Trainers (£55)

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