A Place In The Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin explains why he kept cancer diagnosis secret

Appearing on GMB, A Place In The Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin opened up about living with a terminal cancer diagnosis and shared why he kept it private.

Video transcript

JONNIE IRWIN: I was in fear of what's happened to some extent. When people find out you've got cancer-- I knew what I felt when I just heard the words. It's just this terrifying thing. The word cancer.

And I thought, if I feel like that, everybody else will feel like that. And, lo and behold-- I lost some work through it.

And so, I wanted to keep it a secret because, professionally, I didn't want to lose work. But also, socially and emotionally, people treat you differently, and people start making decisions for you. Oh, didn't want to ask you because you got cancer.

Oh yeah yeah. I don't want to go out and have a good time do I? Because I've got cancer. And so, if I withheld that information, I found I could live a normal life right up until probably a year ago.

BEN SHEPHARD: And then, it became untenable, and you had to share the news?

JONNIE IRWIN: Yeah, well there's perhaps certain busybodies on social media like, you look-- you don't look well. You look-- you should see the doctor. I had someone come up to me after A Place In The Sun live exhibition saying, my wife says you're too skinny.

And I was just like, well, you're not, are you? And he couldn't believe I was crying back. But what do people expect to gain from it?