These pizza trainers are giving us mixed feelings

Photo credit: Adidas
Photo credit: Adidas

From Cosmopolitan UK

If your addiction to pizza is as strong as the nation's obsession with Love Island, then this pair of Adidas trainers might just be the new wardrobe staple you never realised you were missing.

The Ultra Boost trainers designed by Jen Mussari for a project with Refinery29 look a complicated mixture of 'so good we could eat them' and 'could we actually wear them on our feet, though?'.

Thankfully, we won't have to be faced with that decision the next time we enter JD Sports because these creations are in fact a one off design that have sadly already been sold in a one-off auction on the Adidas site.

Photo credit: Adidas
Photo credit: Adidas

While you may not be able to walk around your town with Adidas-branded pizza on your feet just yet, you might remain comforted by the fact that at least someone in the world has that privilege.

The shoes were designed with 49 others to represent the states in America, with "100 percent of the funds raised donated to Women Win, an organisation that empowers girls to build leadership skills and address gender equity through sport", Adidas said in a press releasepress release.

Of course if you really can't get the pepperoni kicks out of your head, you could always buy your own pair of Adidas UltraBoost and get creative with some paint...

h/t Teen Vogue

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