Pizza Hut's Iconic Flatbread Pizzas Are Finally Back On The Menu And They’re A Bargain!

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Pizza Hut's Iconic Flatbread Pizzas Are Finally Back On The Menu And They’re A Bargain!

Are you thinking about what to have for dinner yet? Because we sure as Hell are. And there’s a fairly good chance it will be pizza.

We’ve got a real craving for pizza, and not just any pizza… a Pizza Hut flatbread pizza!

That’s right – Pizza Hut’s iconic flatbread pizzas are back on the menu, and the best part is, there’s not one flavour. No way. There aren’t two flavours. Nope. There are THREE flavours on offer.

What a time to be alive!

First up, theres the meat-free choice: the Beyond Meat Italian-style Sausage Flatbread. It’s loaded with meat-free Beyond Italian-style Sausage, mozzarella pearls, tangy tomatoes and punchy pesto sauce!

The second new flavour is the Chicken & Bacon Flatbread, which features chicken pieces, sizzling streaky bacon and mozzarella pearls.

Then finally, there’s the BBQ Steak & Chicken Flatbread, which is back by popular demand. It’s made up of steak and chicken pieces, crispy red onions, and mozzarella pearls, all on a BBQ base.

Each Pizza Hut Flatbread Pizza can be yours for just £5 each!

As well as this exciting Pizza Hut-based news, did you hear about the new Pizza Hut, Franks RedHot Sauce collab?

Last week, Pizza Hut announced that it has joined forces with the iconic Frank’s RedHot Sauce for not one, not two, but THREE new pizzas. And the best part is one of them is vegan, one of them is vegetarian and one of them is meaty! So, there’s something for everyone.

Available for a limited time only, the new range includes the Vegan Flamin’ Buffalo, the Veggie Flamin’ Buffalo and the Flamin’ Buffalo with chicken.


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