Pizza Hut To Put A Pie On Vegas' Infamous Sphere For Thanksgiving Travelers

Pizza on the Vegas Sphere
Pizza on the Vegas Sphere - Pizza Hut

The Las Vegas Sphere is the largest spherical structure in the world. The outside of the structure, called the Exosphere, can feature a projection, which gives much of Las Vegas a view of whatever spherical image is chosen. What better image to project on it, then, than something everybody loves: pizza? Fans of spectacles, large projections, and, of course, 'za can thank Pizza Hut for making this dream a reality. According to info shared with Mashed, the Sphere will transform into -- as the pizza chain calls it -- a Pie in the Sky on Tuesday, November 21.

As Thanksgiving will only be two days away once the 21st rolls around, that day will be one of the biggest out of the whole year for air travel. The countless folks passing by the Sphere on this ultimate travel day will get a glimpse of the giant pizza image from the sky. However, you don't need to be in the air to see the pizza -- or to take advantage of the deal Pizza Hut is offering along with it.

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How To Get A Free Pizza Courtesy Of The Sphere

Pizza Hut logo on Sphere
Pizza Hut logo on Sphere - Pizza Hut

No matter how you're traveling in Vegas on Tuesday, November 21 — even if it's on foot — you can collect a free item from Pizza Hut. If you happen to find yourself around the Las Vegas Sphere between 5:30 and 9:30 p.m. PST on the 21st, you can get a free item from the chain's new $7 Deal Lover's Menu by scanning the Q.R. code. You can then redeem your $7 Deal Lover's coupon at any participating Pizza Hut location nationwide while supplies last.

Pizza Hut's $7 Deal Lover's Menu includes 17 choices for $7 each when ordering two or more. This includes three new menu items: roasted garlic cheese sticks, bacon cheddar cheese sticks, and a dessert option with chocolate donut bites. The other items you can snag courtesy of the Deal Lover's Menu are a medium one-topping pizza, a Meat Lover's Melt, a Pepperoni Lover's Melt, a chicken bacon parm melt, a Buffalo chicken melt, 8-piece boneless wings, a double order of Pizza Hut breadsticks, cheese sticks, chicken Alfredo pasta, Italian meats pasta, cheesy Alfredo pasta, veggie pasta, Cinnabon mini rolls, or a four-pack of Pepsi.

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