What is pivo-dating?


In recent years, cuffing season and reset relationships have been among the terms to trend in the dating scene.

But when it comes to looking for love in 2023, it seems that another term is going to emerge, with more people embracing "pivo-dating".

"Pivo-dating is a new dating term that speaks to pivoting your dating life," explained Tina Wilson, relationship expert and founder of Wingman (wingmanapp.com). "It basically means you're just open to new things. It doesn't mean changing your preferences or what you're into - or that you're going to join a throuple - it just means that you are open."

Pivots could refer to being in a committed relationship but not living together or remaining in a long-term partnership but deciding against marriage.

Tina went on to note that she has noticed a trend towards unconventional setups, with a recent survey finding that a third of Wingman users would consider a non-traditional relationship.

This could mean anything from one party taking a sabbatical and going travelling for several months to non-monogamous romances.

"Daters are now expressing their needs more freely and won't hold back in pivoting and moulding the relationship they want," she continued. "Nobody else is walking in your shoes, so do what makes your relationship work and makes you both happy. With all types of partnerships, communication is key! So, keep talking and if anything changes in the way you want your relationship to work going forward, ensure to vocalise it."