Pit Bull Overlooked by Adopters for 4 Years Is Still Hoping to Find a Best Friend and New Home

Pit bull dog Donatello has been waiting to find a home at Woodford Humane Society in Versailles, Kentucky, for four years since arriving at the rescue as a stray

Maggie Epling Photography
Maggie Epling Photography

Donatello just celebrated an unfortunate anniversary.

The sweet, energetic pit bull marked four years at Woodford Humane Society in Versailles, Kentucky, on May 13. Four years ago, Donatello arrived at the no-kill rescue as a stray and has been waiting to find his forever home ever since.

Donatello, 5, arrived at Woodford Humane Society as a "rowdy" young dog but mellowed out as he aged, Beth Oleson, the marketing director for Woodford Humane Society, tells PEOPLE about the pup.

"He is probably 80% couch potato and 20% zoomies now," she adds.

Unsurprisingly, the long-term resident has become a favorite among Woodford's staff and volunteers.

"He's basically our dog at this point. It's going to be hard for us to send him home because it's like saying goodbye to one of our own," Oleson says.

Beth Oleson
Beth Oleson

But even though it will be difficult to come to work and not see Donatello playing outside or on a walk with a volunteer, Oleson knows the happiness the pit bull would receive from a forever home would be worth it.

"He's well cared for, he's well-adjusted, and he can stay here as long as he needs to. We just know that if he could have that love from somebody 24/7, that would be the best thing for him," she says.

Oleson believes that potential adopters have had trouble seeing Donatello as their pet because of factors totally out of his control.

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"There are some things that are really common among animals that have a longer wait for a home. Being a pit bull is one. Large black dogs have a harder time going home. He's getting older now. He's definitely not a puppy, and puppies tend to go faster than adult dogs," the marketing directors shares.

Additionally, Donatello is looking for a home where he can be the only pet. According to Oleson, the pit bull had an altercation with another dog long ago, leaving him hesitant to spend time around canines.

The pit bull has plenty of positives that are easy to see. Donatello loves playing with older kids and cuddling with his favorite people.

Regi Goffinet
Regi Goffinet

"He has plenty of energy, but he wears out quickly. He doesn't need someone who's going to run with him three miles a day. He's just not going to do that. I think as long as someone has the love and attention to share with him, he would really be perfectly happy to be their best friend," Oleson says.

Hopefully, Donatello will find that best friend soon. Since posting about the dog's fourth anniversary at the shelter on Facebook, Woodford Humane Society has received numerous calls about adopting the pooch, but none have panned out yet.

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The Woodford Humane Society hopes that Donatello ends up in a home nearby, so the rescue can continue to offer the dog support. Still, the organization is open to applications from anywhere in the U.S. and has already received interest from animal lovers in New York, California, and New Mexico.

Maggie Epling Photography
Maggie Epling Photography

Oleson wants those not in the position to adopt Donatello to remember his story the next time they decide to welcome a pet.

"Next time you're ready to add a dog to your home, ask about what dog at the shelter has been there the longest. Try to look past the things that so many people just get caught up on and sort of skim over with a dog like Donatello," she advises.

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"There is somebody there who's been overlooked, and maybe that's the one you want to take a minute to look at," she adds.

To learn more about Woodford Humane Society and support the rescue's work, visit the organization's website.

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