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Sunday 29, March

The Moon is not having an easy time with Mercury in your stars, Pisces. This leads to confusion and projections galore. You can trust your more intuitive and poetic thoughts but not the sinister or paranoid ones. Figuring out the difference requires some second opinions. Ask when in doubt before acting.

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Friday 27, March

The Moon is asking you to settle in and relax a bit. You can go as slowly as you like. Plus the current Venus-Jupiter flow is so perfect for any writing or long-term goal setting and wishing for what you need. You have the vision and the big picture mindset to help you go beyond the limitations you have felt.

Thursday 26, March

The Moon moves into your communication sector today, Pisces. You have so much on your mind. What would you like to say first? How would you like to say it? Don't hold back or internalize your deeper feelings and needs. You can totally move into your most honest self now.

Wednesday 25, March

Financial situations could feel loaded and quite painful under today's Sun-Chiron merger. You would prefer to just give away everything you have but alas you have to pay your own bills. You have the bleeding heart of the zodiac and cannot stand seeing people not getting their basic needs met. Do what you can without putting yourself into financial jeopardy.

Tuesday 24, March

The New Moon is here and it's asking you to focus on money, resources and your talents. What kind of income would you like to cultivate over the next six months, Pisces? Tune into this to get your financial situation under control and tap into some exciting new moneymaking ideas to boot.

Monday 23, March

The darkest day of the Moon falls in your stars, putting you in a very introspective place. You are getting some powerful downloads as a result and can finally tap into your highest creative potential. Let yourself escape from external demands and focus on your soul and your intuition exclusively.

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