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Thursday 22, August

The Moon is in Taurus through the evening, emphasizing communication. This is the best time of the week (if not the month) to get out your correspondence. Write those emails, make those calls, and send those texts - you're articulate and absolutely convincing at the moment, Pisces.

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Wednesday 21, August

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into Virgo today. This is one of your best phases of the year for romance, Pisces. This sweet vibe moves through your relationship zone for the next few weeks, so enjoy it while it lasts - your partnerships get a delicious boost through mid-September.

Tuesday 20, August

The Moon is in Aries again today, but there's an intense visitation from Pluto, squaring the lunar energy from your social zone. This can make money matters into power games, so just be careful about borrowing, lending, or generally broaching the subject of finances with friends and associates for now.

Monday 19, August

With the Moon in your money zone for the next few days, you're all about grabbing that cold cash and making a major stash. This is one of those Mondays that you're ready to come at with the full force of your ambition, Pisces. Don't hold back and don't lose sight of how much you're worth.

Sunday 18, August

The stars could push you to a spending binge. Impulsiveness drives the energy of the moment, so keep your credit cards at home if you can. You'll likely burn through your bank account without even thinking twice. Better to avoid the dangerous temptations if you prefer to keep some cash in the bank.

Saturday 17, August

The Moon continues to light up your very own stars, Pisces. You can use this influence to tune into your soul and what really compels you on a deep level to create your magic. If it's not glamorous, inspirational and otherworldly, it's not really worth your time.

Friday 16, August

The Moon is now lighting up your gentle and compassionate stars, Pisces. It's the perfect excuse to get back into your empathic and poetic flow. Don't let anyone confuse your feelings with their own bizarre projections or issues. Keep your boundaries strong. Stay connected to your own inner truth no matter what.

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