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Wednesday 13, November

Mercury Retrograde continues to dominate and complicate the skies, Pisces. Today things might get even weirder and more chaotic as Neptune and Saturn aspect the communication planet. Don't plan important conversations if you can avoid them. Wait until everything clears a bit - ideally, until late next week.

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Tuesday 12, November

The Full Moon has arrived and she's ready to wake up your communication zone. This is a powerful moment for talking, thinking and texting - but you can take it too far if you're not careful. Just remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so you don't have to say everything you feel, all at once.

Monday 11, November

The planet of communication is exactly conjunct the Sun in Scorpio, your sister water sign. This only happens once during Mercury Retrograde and it's supremely important for you, Pisces. Tap into what you want from your relationship to the world - this is all about processing powerful wisdom and putting it to work in your life.

Sunday 10, November

The Moon and Mars are in a row today, Pisces. This makes for a lot of defensive behaviors from others and even irritation from your side. This is especially true if anyone messes with your money. Don't let them passive-aggressively manipulate you into spending or giving something against your will.

Saturday 09, November

The Moon continues to rage through your money zone, Pisces. Try not to blow the bank as an emotional release. This too shall pass. If you can find your footing again and get back to a calm, rational state of mind, you can make healthier financial decisions. It's worth waiting for the feverish temper to pass.

Friday 08, November

The stars are focusing on your money situation for the next few days. Have you been guilty of reckless spending over the past few months due to a desire to soothe some emotional pain? Use this energy to help you get back in touch with your financial realities and make some important moves.

Thursday 07, November

You've got the Moon in your stars for one final day, so enjoy the sweetness and imagination while it's here. You'll be ready to get back into action mode tomorrow. Today it's all about your dreams and your soulful longings. It's okay to get a bit mushy too, Pisces.

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