What is the ‘pink sister vs. purple sister’ theory on TikTok?

In a new sibling trend, sisters on TikTok are identifying themselves as either the “pink sister” or the “purple sister” — but what exactly is the “pink vs. purple sister” theory, and where did it come from?

What is the pink sister vs. purple sister theory?

Podcast host Lucinda Price (@frooomes) first introduced the sibling theory on the Flex & Froomes podcast, which she cohosts with Lillian Ahenkan (@flex.mami).

Price asked Ahenkan if she had ever heard of the “pink or purple sister theory,” which she explained boiled down to in families with two sisters, one sister was the designated “pink sister” while the other was the “purple sister.”

The pink sister would go on to choose all pink items for herself — or have all pink items given to her — while the purple sister would receive purple items. But the theory doesn’t end there because Price also claimed that it was an “unspoken rule” that the pink sister was the “better” sister.

“If you’re the purple sister, it’s like a type of consolation prize,” Price said.

She also added that she and her own sister were currently in the midst of a “terse argument” via text message about who was actually the pink sister.

“I think I was the pink sister. Thankfully, I have some video evidence,” noted Price, displaying what appeared to be home videos of her sister with purple room accessories.

What does it mean to be the “pink” sister?

TikToker Felicity Carlson (@felicity.carlson) shared her own experience of what it was like to be the “pink sister” riding in her purple sister’s car in a video that has 2.9 million views.

The car she showed was a mess, filled with things like garbage in the car doors, a liquid spilled in the cupholders, and random clothes piled up in the backseat.

And the implication? That the purple sister is the kind of person to have a messy car, while the pink sister would never.

“I just realized I’m a purple sister,” said @rhiannonplease.

“I feel called out as a purple sister,” laughed @ekt253.

Some commenters also revealed that one does not even technically need to have a sister to be the “purple” sister.

“I’m the oldest…and only daughter, but im.def a purple sister,” admitted @rockinllamaco.

Annieg (@anyadoestoks) also took the pink vs. purple sister stereotype to the realm of personal style, posting a TikTok that she claimed exemplified how the theory is “not up for debate.”

“No but this is actually the best example,” agreed @collosusjevi.

“Even out tooth brushes growing up,” added @iamnotlilygvero with purple and pink emojis for emphasis.

What does it mean to be the “purple” sister?

TikToker @clair3.melodi broke down what exactly it means to be the purple sister by overlaying her own TikTok over the audio of Price explaining the theory.

The TikToker tagged @marissaaaa00 in the video, which explained that the purple sister is “sassy and strong,” “headstrong and ruthless” and a “little bit bold” but still always looks out for her pink sister.

“You’re my purple,” @marissaaaa00 replied to @clair3.melodi in the comment section.

“You’re my forever pink,” said @clair3.melodi in response.

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