'Pigging' prankster denies all knowledge of the alleged cruel game

Jesse Mateman (top left) has denied abandoning Sophie Stevenson (top right) in Amsterdam [Photo: SWNS]

The Dutch student accused of pulling a cruel prank on a 24-year-old woman has spoken out.

Sophie Stevenson met 21-year-old Jesse Mateman on holiday in Barcelona and planned to meet him in his native Amsterdam. After spending £350 on the trip, Sophie was left devastated when Jesse sent a text saying: “You were pigged. It was a joke.”

The ‘pull a pig’ game allegedly involves a group of young men going on a night out with the aim of attracting the ‘fattest and ugliest’ girls. Whoever ‘pulls’ the ugliest woman is the winner.

Jesse spoke to the Daily Mail on Monday night, saying that Sophie had ‘invented’ their holiday romance.

“We actually met in Barcelona, ​​but I never had a romance with her,” he stated. “I’ve been in a hotel room with her, but I never slept with her. We are not and never were in love, as suggested.”

Jesse claimed he had never slept with Sophie but a statement from his lawyer reads differently [Photo: SWNS]

After becoming the victim of an online witch hunt, the student said he has now been forced to hire a lawyer to fight back against the appalling story.

[This is] just fantasist rubbish and it is ruining my life,” he said. “The messages contained in those tabloids are either made by Sophie or by the newspapers, because I did not send them.”

Jesse added that he had no idea Sophie would be in Amsterdam, saying: ‘In fact, I wonder if Sophie has been at Schiphol [in Amsterdam] at all. I have no idea.”

A statement from Jesse’s lawyer has now been released which seems to contradict his previous words. The 21-year-old has now admitted that he did have a one night stand with Sophie but sticks with the fact that he only had contact with her during his stay in Barcelona.

“If Mateman used the word ‘Pig’ in a text message to Stevenson – which he cannot remember – it could only have been sent during his stay in Spain and can only relate to the way in which they had sex. It has in any case not been related to her person or appearance,” tweeted his lawyer, Yehudi Moszkowicz.

“Stevenson is being held liable by Mateman for all recent and future damages he has suffered as a result of her actions.”

Sophie’s mother, Julie Stevenson, has said the incident has “shattered” her daughter’s confidence. “Most nights, she just sits there in tears. It is breaking my heart to see how this has affected her. Why would any man do that to a woman? It is just heartless.”

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