Piers Morgans says Nigel Farage sabotaged his Trump interview

Appearing on Time Radio, Piers Morgan revealed that Nigel Farage sent Donald Trump a dossier containing things that he'd said about the former US President ahead his much-publicised interview on TalkTV.

Credit: @TimesRadio

Video transcript

PIERS MORGAN: Literally about eight minutes before we started, I get a visitation from his people. Piers, there's a problem. I said, what's the problem?

I said the president's just been sent-- the president just been sent this three-page document of things you've said about him in the last year. And it turned out Nigel Farage had had dinner at Mar a Lago three days before, had gone back to London, had prepared, and bear in mind, the same Farage when he got a Trump interview.

I texted him, congratulating on his scoop. This is a guy who then hears I've got one, goes back to London, sends Trump a three-page dossier of all the worst things I've said about him in the last year.

- Shouldn't Donald Trump have known that?

PIERS MORGAN: Well, I think he knew some of it but not quite the full scale.

- [INAUDIBLE] doesn't care. It was interesting [INAUDIBLE] Piers, so he probably didn't know.

PIERS MORGAN: Well, yes, he unfollowed me. He unfollowed me on Twitter.

- Blimey.

PIERS MORGAN: When told him to stop spreading his bat-crazy coronavirus stories. But the bottom line, anyway, was this created a fractious atmosphere. He read all these comments to him in his office. It all got very testy. And when we got on air, it was kind of like a simmering volcano.

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