Piers Morgan’s son Spencer mocks dad’s Twitter hack

Piers Morgan’s son Spencer mocks dad’s Twitter hack

Piers Morgan, with sons Stanley and Spencer Morgan (WireImage)
Piers Morgan, with sons Stanley and Spencer Morgan (WireImage)

Piers Morgan's son has made light of his dad's latest Twitter hack, choosing to celebrate the upside of the situation.

TalkTV host Morgan was targeted by online hackers in the early hours of 27 December, with his account filled with expletive-laden rants and false reports to his 8.3 million followers.

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The account was eventually completely stripped and now stands empty, with nothing but Morgan's name remaining in place.

Piers Morgan for TalkTV (TalkTV)
Piers Morgan for TalkTV (TalkTV)

But while this is a bit of a nightmare for Morgan, who was a frequent user of Twitter, for son Spencer, 29, there is a plus side to his dad losing his access.

Joking on his own account, Spencer joked: "Can’t believe I now have the biggest twitter account in my family. Never thought this day would come."

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He had previously confirmed his dad's account had been taken over, stating: "Obviously dad’s finally been hacked. Ideal when he’s in a different time zone."

Following the fallout, and with Morgan having no access to his account, Spencer later added: "Quiet without piers on here isn’t it?"

Piers Morgan's Twitter account is now blank (Twitter)
Piers Morgan's Twitter account is now blank (Twitter)

Morgan has himself yet to address the hack, which saw a group of hijackers fill his feeds with offensive tweets.

His username was repeatedly changed – including once bizarrely to "Michael" and another to"Piers C**t" – and the hackers made targeted offensive jabs to public figures including Ed Sheeran, Boris Johnson and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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One tweet was a false claim that controversial figure Andrew Tate had been shot dead in Dubai, something Tate later responded to saying he was "hard to kill".

File photo dated 16/1/2022 of Piers Morgan. No further action will be taken against a man suspected of sending death threats to Morgan, the Metropolitan Police has said. The TV host, 57, reportedly received messages earlier this year telling him he was
Piers Morgan's Twitter account has been hacked. (Alamy)

Those paying attention to the hack encouraged the mystery assailant to share Morgan's private DMs, but they refused, saying they had found "nothing interesting".

At the time of writing, Morgan's account is wiped completely, with his name restored to his own but everything from the tweets to the profile picture being removed.