Piers Morgan: 'Princess Diana would be horrified by the divide between Harry and William'

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Piers Morgan has claimed Princess Diana would be "horrified" by the split between her sons Harry and William.

The broadcaster quit Good Morning Britain in early March after coming under fire for his comments about Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's interview with Oprah Winfrey, with him receiving particular backlash for saying he didn't believe Meghan suffered suicidal thoughts.

In his first TV interview since he left the show, Piers told Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson on Monday that Diana, who died in 1997, would be "horrified" by the divide between her sons and called Harry a "whiny brat".

"In his mid-thirties, complaining that his dad isn't still financing everything that he does. Complaining that he was cut off by daddy and his millions," Piers fired. "Actually that wasn't true either - It turns out Prince Charles had carried on financing him. And remember Harry inherited millions when his mother died.

"You know I knew Princess Diana well. I think she would be horrified by the split between Harry and his brother. She would be horrified by the schism now between Harry and the royal family generally and by the appalling smearing of the Queen which is already causing damage in some of the Commonwealth countries."

Elsewhere in the interview, he claimed he has the "universal support" of the British public following the row and people from all walks of life have been "coming up to me in their droves all day every day."

He also continued to state that he finds it "impossible to believe" Meghan's claims that she sought help from the royal family institution for her suicidal thoughts and was turned away. He also called on her to name the people so they can confirm if her allegations are true.

"You're accusing two people in the palace of being unspeakably cruel simply to protect the brand of the royal family," he said. "If that is true, let's have the names of these people and let's go to them and ask them, 'Is this true? Did you tell a suicidal woman... not to get help?'"