Piers Morgan mocks Meghan Markle over cancellation of Netflix series

Piers Morgan has seized the opportunity to ridicule Meghan Markle over the cancellation of her upcoming Netflix animated series, calling it, "a whole new level of humiliation."

The Duchess of Sussex had been developing children's series Pearl, as part of her and Prince Harry's exclusive deal with the streaming service, but it has been reported that the project has now been dropped.

Credit: @PiersUncensored Via Twitter

Video transcript

PIERS MORGAN: Now, I don't believe in cancel culture so I was obviously distraught to learn that the woman who canceled me has now herself been canceled. Yes, Netflix has shelved the development of "Pearl," an animated series created by Meghan Markle with Sir Elton John's husband David Furnish about a 12-year-old girl inspired by influential women. Apparently it was based on her own very inspiring rags to royal riches story.

But sadly, it seems nobody at Netflix shared my inspiration. The streaming giant reported very bad results last week. A direct consequence, some critics say, of their increasingly tedious, woke output, including a new series about a pregnant man. Netflix stock tanked, so they've had to pull the plug on Meghan's vanity project to cut costs. And concern is now mounting that the Duke and Duchess of Netflix's whole $100 million deal with the company may now be in jeopardy. None of this brings me any pleasure.

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