Backlash after Piers Morgan suggests women should expect to be 'objectified and criticised' on red carpet

Danielle Fowler
·Freelance Writer

Piers Morgan has come under fire after suggesting female celebrities should expect to be “objectified and criticised” on the red carpet.

Morgan made the divisive comment in response to a tweet by ‘BBC Breakfast’ reporter, Dan Walker, who called out the Daily Mirror for publishing a worst dressed article from the 2019 BAFTA TV Awards.

Alongside a link to the gallery posted on May 12, he wrote:

“Newspaper leads the way in poor, unhelpful, vindictive journalism.”

Piers Morgan attended the 2019 BAFTA TV Awards on May 12 [Photo: PA]
Piers Morgan attended the 2019 BAFTA TV Awards on May 12 [Photo: PA]

In response, Morgan tweeted: “Oh please... if you go on a red carpet, you’re inviting people to objectify & criticise or praise you.”

Understandably, social media users flocked to disagree with Morgan with many highlighting that public shaming is one of the issues driving mental health issues across the nation.

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“Every time people go outside their front door people will judge, sneer, applaud, snigger or slag off the way a person looks,” one wrote. “It's not just red carpet. Sadly, it's everyday life. And it's wrong.”

Another agreed, adding that newspapers don’t cover male celebrities in the same manner: “It’s the way these tabloids shamefully troll public figures like they don’t have feelings. You want to talk about mental health awareness more, well there you go.”

One criticised the ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter for ‘condoning’ body-shaming and fuelling the “toxic culture”.

The debate kick-started just hours after ‘Derry Girls’ actress, Nicola Coughlin, defended herself when the tabloid described her red carpet look as “not the most flattering”.

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In response, she wrote [sic]: “I mean incorrect @DailyMirror I look smokin, sorry bout it.”

The controversial worst dressed list critiqued the likes of celebrities including Scarlett Moffat, Jodie Whittaker and Jane Krakowski for their “dodgy designs”.

Thankfully, the public backlash may finally encourage tabloids to ditch the outdated approach to red carpet coverage.