Piers Morgan addresses DIY makeup fail on Good Morning Britain saying he looks like a 'tangerine'

George Fenwick
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Piers Morgan comparing his make-up to Donald Trump on Good Morning Britain
Piers Morgan comparing his make-up to Donald Trump on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan had a rather bronze-looking complexion on Good Morning Britain today as he admitted he was struggling to do his own make-up.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown situation, the breakfast show's hair and make-up team are not currently working - which leaves its presenters to apply their own make-up before appearing on television.

Susanna Reid is clearly a dab hand at it, but Morgan perhaps less so, with the presenter pointing out this morning: “I’m getting a lot of people saying apparently I have blending issues with my make-up when I turn.”

Morgan had “out-tangerined” himself, with a clear line between the dark foundation on his face and his neck.

“This part of my head is orange, apparently this part is not, I don’t know what that means, and I don’t care,” he said.

The presenter insisted that his blending skills were not important at our current time.

“In the general scheme of what’s going on in the world right now, my blending issues with my make up are not that important people,” he said.

Reid, who has returned to the office after self-isolating for two weeks, couldn’t resist having a laugh about Morgan’s new look, saying: “You’re turning into your friend, President Trump, taking make-up tips.”

“I can only apologise for anyone who’s offended by my orange head,” joked Morgan. “Other people might quite like the orange look. It works for Trump.”

Meanwhile, Reid gave a shout-out to Good Morning Britain’s “professional army” of make-up and hair artists, who are not in the office during lockdown.