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Let's Throw It Back to the Breaking Bad Premiere in January 2008

But For Real, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Have the Cutest Friendship in All of Hollywood

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is finally out, and Breaking Bad fans everywhere are feeling all the feels. If you've never seen the show, it tells the story of a dedicated chemistry teacher recently diagnosed with lung cancer and the former student who stays by his side (and gets tutored in chemistry) through it all. JK, it's about two guys cooking meth together, and as well as being a near-perfect series, Breaking Bad gifted us with one of the most unexpected and wonderful friendships of all time. The best part: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul blossomed into real-life BFFs, and their relationship is too pure for this world. The cast have come far since their first red carpet appearance back in 2008, but let's revisit how Walter White and Jesse Pinkman became IRL besties over the past 11 years.


The Breaking Bad Cast Reunited at the El Camino Premiere, and It Felt Just Like Old Times