‘Picasso of the DIY world’ goes viral on TikTok for disastrous bathroom renovation project

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<p>Grace O’Heeren is the “DIY Picasso” of TikTok</p> (TikTok/Grace O’Heeren)

Grace O’Heeren is the “DIY Picasso” of TikTok

(TikTok/Grace O’Heeren)

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for her incredibly honest experience of sprucing up her Texas home.

Grace O’Heeron brought along the entire video-sharing app to watch her progress and offer their two cents as she adds a little of her infectious personality to both her videos and her very creative bathroom. Ms O’Heeron has dubbed herself “the Picasso of the DIY world” in her bio as she has posted more than 100 videos on her work.

In one video that has since garnered more than 2 million views, she has a go at transforming the counter in her bathroom. Before Ms O’Heeron began her makeover, it was the rather typical looking washroom, complete with beige tiles and chrome fittings.

“Here’s my attempt at a TikTok bathroom DIY,” Ms O’Heeron’s says in one video, as she describes the vast amounts of work involved, such as “painting her bathroom counter white” and doing what she labelled a “sparkle bomb” on top, which she concluded resembled a “garage floor.”

The real show-stopper was the white painted details on the black tiles, which, according to Ms O’Heeron, took nearly three weeks and hundreds of dollars worth of paint. She also had to rope in a friend to help.

However, the mishaps she had with the floor did not deter her from taking on the sink and the surrounding counter in the next series of videos.

“Y’all are hating on the ground but really, I’m trying to make it smoother,” she said in another TikTok video showing a newly painted green bathroom vanity, which replaced glitter that she did not like.

Commenters on the video begged her to put an end to the project.

“You destroyed this bathroom so fast,” one commenter, Mariah, wrote.

Kara H said, “I hope you’re just playing and just planned on gutting the bathroom after all this.”

Trick Pardo offered some advice, saying, “I say this with love but I would recommend stopping. Hire someone to fix these projects and start with something smaller.”

Ms O’Heeren spoke to Insider about her whirlwind go at home improvement, stating she had spent more $1,000 after setting herself a budget of $200. She told the publication that finishing the job was really important to her, to prove everyone wrong.

“I’m so stubborn. I’m going to finish the bathroom. My mom always said ‘I told you so’ all the time. She still does. I hate hearing it. And so now I can’t have all of these people saying, ‘I told you so.’” she told the publication.

She also spoke about being the victim of a drunken driving hit-and-run accident in December 2019, which left her with a brain injury. Now, Ms O’Heeren uses her TikTok videos to urge people not to drink and drive.

The Independent reached out to Ms O’Heeren for comment on her videos.

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