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St. Tropez Diamond Tan

The Diamond Tan uses real diamonds in the spray formula to cover the body in a delicate mist of diamond dust. This leaves your skin dazzling with a luminous glow.

The limited edition Diamond Tan is available exclusively at Selfridges London throughout December at St.Tropez’s flagship Skin Finishing Studio in the store’s new Beauty Workshop.

Appointments are limited to book an appointment call 0800 123 400 or visit Selfridges

Top 10 beauty products that contain diamonds

23 November 2012

Diamonds are not just for show any more. More and more beauty brands have jumped on the sparking bandwagon, using the shimmering qualities of diamonds as a cosmetic ingredient to help the skin glow. We've put together a selection of the most luxurious beauty treatments ever, making diamonds our BFFs.

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