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Ways he can cheat without having sex Putting you down

Otherwise known as Public Displays of Humiliation. A strong relationships involves mutual respect in public as well as indoors and the moment your guy starts to talk down to you in front of other people is often the moment the countdown starts on your split. It might be labelled ‘a joke’ but the lack of empathy involved in belittling you or your job or your opinions should set warning bells ringing, especially if your friends start to look uncomfortable or begin to stand up for you as a result.

Ten ways he can cheat WITHOUT having sex

Ghastly though infidelity is, victims often discover there are many degrees of cheating, from the ‘They did it in our bed while I was in hospital giving birth’ capital offence to those behaviours that don’t technically constitute infidelity but which can often seem to cause high levels of pain.

Here are 10 of the most common ways a guy can be guilty of cheating without actually having sex.