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After finding some ideas for recipes on how to manipulate food into shapes and patterns online Heather began to create the bento-style lunches for her son for fun. She then posted them Facebook for friends and family to see and since then all of her creations have been documented on her blog Lunchbox Awesome.

Heather is a huge fan of children's cartoons. Here she has crafted Garfield's sleepy expression using some egg yolk and whites and a piece of whole grain toast with seaweed for the cat’s stripes.

Photo: Heather Sitarzewski

Incredible cartoon-inspired lunches made by mum for her son each day

For Heather Sitarzewski’s son lunchtime is extra special as the contents of his lunchbox is somewhat more exciting than a sandwich, piece of fruit and a sweet treat. Last year Heather decided to add some fun to her son’s lunches and getting into the creative spirit the graphic designer and illustrator from the US began making edible versions of popular cartoon characters using fruits, vegetables and other delicious lunch foods that she knew her son will love. Check out this gallery of the best mum-made lunches ever!