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Getting Started: It is vital to start the day with something that lowers your anxiety levels. This is akin to taking an antidepressant early in the day. However, rather than consuming pills, you need to invest time in some form of soothing activity, like a few minutes of yoga or meditation. Combine this with simple things like sipping tea when seated snugly in your balcony or doing a few stretches.

Dealing with burnout

When the word “burnout” is used, most people think of professional or exercise-related burnout. Professional burnout is usually, entirely emotional, while exercise-induced burnout is primarily physical. However, Burnout also includes a state of existence where an individual is physically exhausted, develops cynical tendencies, feels detached and suffers from inefficiency in routine activities. Many folks refer to it as having “hit a wall.” Psychologists define a Burnout as essentially an emotional problem that has physical manifestations; a psychosomatic state, where underlying causes like stress, anxiety or excessive overload of physical work lead to lack of interest. However, there are several ways in which you can prevent burnout and manage stress better.