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Coleen Rooney. The good: It seems every wannabe WAG wanted a piece of Coleen Rooney's first fragrance. Coleen was another bestseller for The Perfume Shop at Christmas 2007. Over half a million bottles were sold earning her over £2 million. This led to the release of her sophomore scent, Butterflies. The bad: People were more concerned about the events in Coleen’s personal life than release of her new fragrance. Butterflies didn’t make many Christmas lists last year. Doesn’t seem like there will be a third scent then?

Celebrity fragrances: The good and the bad

Stars love the sweet smell of success, and what better way to achieve that than through developing their own trademark scent? Join us as we take a look at how well the celebrity perfumes performed on the market and the consequences of their release. - By Bianca Ffolkes