These Pics Of Teachers Going Above And Beyond Bring Us Hope

The pandemic has not been easy for any of us, but it’s really had it in for teachers. When they’re not dealing with school closure u-turns, they’re being blamed for results day chaos, goaded by politicians or labelled as “lazy” – all while negotiating the perils and screen freezes of remote learning.

Add to that, the fact that schools have remained open throughout the pandemic for vulnerable and key worker children – often without PPE for teachers – and it’s remarkable that some teachers have an ounce of energy left.

But they’re a resilient bunch – and nothing is more important to most than supporting their kids. This week, a photo of one reception teacher perfectly summed up the energy at play.

The teacher, photographed by her son (who’s a teacher himself), was snapped surrounded by soft toys, beaming at her class, in a make-shift, child-friendly studio.

Amandeep Turna, a PR, from Slough, was among those who liked the image, and has been equally impressed by the work of her own mum, year six teacher Harjinder Turna, during the pandemic.

“She’s been recording herself reading Cogheart, the book her students are studying at the moment, to try and make it more engaging for them, which I thought was cute,” she says.

Harjinder Turna hard at work   (Photo: Amandeep Turna)
Harjinder Turna hard at work (Photo: Amandeep Turna)

Other posts have shown the lengths teachers are going to, in order to make lockdown a little jollier for their pupils.

There’s been more soft toys...

And fancy dress for the younger learners.

It’s far from easy with the older pupils...

But teachers are still remembering birthdays...

And keeping kids active...

All while redecorating their homes!

Teachers, we salute you.


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