All the Photos from Colton Underwood's Wedding to Jordan C. Brown (Exclusive)

Cheers to That

"I think before people saw us together or when we introduced each other to our families or close friends, they were a little hesitant of, 'Okay, this is happening very quickly, what's going on here?' " Underwood said of their year-long courtship. "But once they saw us together, they understood. It was one of those things. They were like, 'Oh, this makes sense.' And I think that's sort of what was nice for me too, and for both of us to enjoy together."

Just Married!

Bachelor alumnus Colton Underwood wed Jordan C. Brown in front of 200 guests in a ceremony at the Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa Valley on May 13.

"I've never been more sure about something," Underwood told PEOPLE prior to the pair's three-day celebration. "[Jordan] has the biggest heart and he's such a good friend to all of the people in his life. He goes out of his way to take care of his friends and his family. That speaks volumes."

Sweet Harmony

The couple's ceremony featured both a choir and an orchestra, before a DJ took over for the evening party.

Puppy Love

Dogs Zooka and Scout walked down the aisle with Underwood's mom Donna during the ceremony.

First Kiss

The couple recited vows they wrote themselves, and instead of a wedding party, walked down the aisle together.

"We're really making these moments authentic to who we are and how we want to celebrate, it's our vision for the day," Underwood said. "We're honoring that and checking in with each other ... this is our time to do what we want."

Making a Splash

As a fun surprise, the couple arranged for Stanford University's artistic swimming team to perform in the pool as everyone exited the ceremony. 'We wanted to keep the energy going," said Brown.

Setting the Scene

"We wanted to break some of the traditional norms of what a ceremony and a wedding look like," said Underwood. "And for the entire weekend, we recognize that a lot of people attending, both of our families and some of our friends, this will be their first queer wedding. We really want to make it special."

The Great Outdoors

The grooms "wanted to go somewhere that wasn't too hard to get to for our family, especially our grandparents," Brown told PEOPLE. "Not a big city, everyone could be together and we could be in nature a little bit. We wanted trees and sunshine. It was really important for us to get married outside."

The venue also offered the pair a chance to celebrate another shared interest: wine.

"It's definitely been a bonding factor for us," Underwood said. "We just really enjoy ending our night and spending time with each other around a glass of wine."

Famous Friends

Olivia Wilde, a longtime friend of Brown, was on hand for the celebration.

To the Point

Former Bachelor host Chris Harrison also joined the couple. "He's important to me," Underwood shared, "and we've stayed in touch."

Person to Person

"I've always wanted to get married," Brown shared. "But I don't know how much it'll change day to day. I just think my friends who have gotten married sort of say, you just sort of relax because you've got your person and you're doing this together. So I'm excited for that."

In Living Color

Each groom picked a Tom Ford suit for the day, Underwood's green and Brown's blue.

Shine On

After dinner, the newlyweds changed into different Tom Ford jackets for a spin on the dance floor.

Future Is Bright

As for what's next for the pair, "I am really, really excited to see him as a father," Underwood said of his husband. "And I can't wait to be a dad, too. So it'll happen one of these days."

The couple exchanged "I dos" on May 13 during a three-day celebration in Napa Valley — with plenty of celeb guests!