Photographer creates clever optical illusions with the sun — and they'll make you look twice

Lisa Walden
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Photo credit: Sulabh Lamba/Instagram
Photo credit: Sulabh Lamba/Instagram

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One photographer has gone viral online after creating clever optical illusions with the setting sun — and they'll make you look twice.

Sulabh Lamba, a 21-year-old from Delhi in India, first began taking photographs of the sunset around four years ago. Each image depicts a different scenario that looks as if he is controlling the sun; one shows two men putting the sun in a bag to take home, while another looks as if Sulabh is holding the sun between his hands.

Speaking about his work, Sulabh told the Daily Mail: "A perfect silhouette should convey the feelings without showing facial expressions. The one in which a strong man seems to be struggling to push the sun does this with ease. It is a favourite of mine.

"My feelings during a sunset are too intense to describe in a few words. One guy once commented on a sunset image that he is my biggest fan and every morning he shares my work with 200 people and waits eagerly for my new images."

Thanks to a little imagination and clever positioning, each image taps into his creativity. Posting on Instagram, Sulabh also uploads an inspiration message alongside each photograph, hoping to inspire his 20,000 followers.

Take a look at his breathtaking images below...

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