The Photo That Took A Year To Capture: Photographer Creates Amazing Sun Silhouette Art Using The Sun As A Football

An Indian photographer dedicated an entire year to creating a photo series that depicts the Sun being used as a football. Krutik Bharat Thakur, 19, uses the Sun to form silhouettes to his images. Based in the small coastal town of Dahanu, Krutik discovered a talent for artistic images during time spent social distancing at the beach during the pandemic. In March 2021, Krutik enlisted the help of some friends to try and capture a series of 3 images of a goal being 'scored' with the sun being used as a football. Capturing the series of shots would require an open space and a clear sky, so Krutik headed to a local beach which offered a wide open space for him to use. After 7 days of trying to capture the image series, heavy clouds hit with a monsoon following shortly after, which completely destroyed the beach area and Krutik's desired location. Krutik then spent several months revisiting the area until in March 2022 the beach was completely restored meaning Krutik and his friends could return and set up to capture the photos. Many 'failed' images were taken until finally Krutik captured the perfectly positioned images.

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