Photo of boy crying hysterically when meeting baby sister goes viral

Sabrina Barr
A series of photos of a young boy crying hysterically when meeting his baby sister for the first time has gone viral: Jordan Burch Photography

A photograph that captured the moment a young toddler met his baby sister for the very first time has gone viral, thanks to the boy’s emotional reaction.

For many parents, introducing their children to new family additions is something that requires a lot of consideration.

They have to make sure that the older sibling don’t feel neglected, while also checking that their newborn is receiving the care it needs.

But when Jordan Burch, an award-winning family and portrait photographer, arrived at the Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida, to capture the special moment a mother introduced her baby to its older brother Jackson, he wasn’t expecting the boy’s extraordinary reaction.

“Dear Jackson, today didn’t go at all how I expected it to,” Burch wrote on Facebook.

“Usually when mums have me come to the hospital, to capture their first born, meeting their sibling, it’s pretty stinkin’ adorable.

“Not that you weren’t adorable. You were.”

22-month-old Jackson couldn't contain his tears when meeting his baby sister for the first time (Jordan Burch Photography)

When Jackson first entered the room with his father Stephen, he was completely calm, even sitting down beside his mother Ashley on the bed.

However, a few moments later, he began to cry hysterically, much to his mother’s dismay.

“I watched, as your tears, broke your momma’s heart,” Burch wrote.

While the 22-month-old may not have understood at the time how special it was to have gained a younger sibling, Burch feels sure that he will in due course.

“There is this unconditional, unexplainable kind of love. That even if it isn’t felt, all the time. It’s always there,” Burch wrote in regard to Jackson’s relationship with his mother.

“But aside from that, there’s this other kind of love.

“A big brother, kind of love. One that you don’t know about yet.

Jackson's mother attempted to soothe him in his emotional state (Jordan Burch Photography)

“But you’ll soon learn.”

The photographs of Jackson wailing next to his mother and sister have gone viral on Facebook since being posted in November, garnering more than 42,000 reactions.

Laura Swift, a former labour and delivery nurse and now a birth photographer, has provided advice for parents explaining what they should do when introducing their older children to a new baby.

Her tips include giving your children a tour of the hospital before the birth, allowing them time to respond, reminiscing about fond memories with them, relaxing and discussing how they’ll spend time with the baby in future.