Phoebe Dynevor Just Debuted The Hair Trend Of Autumn 2022: The Italian Full Fringe

phoebe dynevor italian full fringe
Phoebe Dynevor Debuts The Hair Trend Of Autumn '22Getty Images

Bridgerton star, Phoebe Dynevor has only gone and channelled her on-screen counterpart, Daphne Bridgerton, by getting a full, wispy fringe. While her on-screen character sports Regency London vibes with parted, eyebrow-grazing curtain bangs, Phoebe has gone for something a little more on-trend IRL. Gentle readers and esteemed members of the 'Ton, allow me to present autumn 2022's upcoming hair trend: the Italian full fringe.

By now, everyone – and I mean everyone – should know about the 'Italian bob'. It has been around since the Sixties, after all. But if you don't, then fear not because that's what we're here for. The look is all about glamour but in an effortless way. Think: thick, chunky layers but with a wispy finish, like an air-dried short chop.

And most recently, Phoebe has taken that trend to the next level with her fringe. Not only does her new fringe have a chic, Sixties-inspired look to it but it also has body, movement and texture for an effortless feel. Oh, and even better? She debuted it while holidaying in Italy. Cue the summer FOMO in 3, 2... ah. Just see for yourselves below:

Side note: if you're only just noticing a colour change, too, then let me introduce to you the 'dark haired Phoebe era' that commenced mid-July. Although, we reckon her red hair could make a comeback thanks to it being the colour of the season.

Watch this space, guys. We're sure that alongside pumpkin spiced latté hair, the Italian aesthetic will be trending on TikTok in no time. Booking in for a chop ASAP.

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