Viewers in hysterics as Phillip Schofield accidentally mentions sex toy shop

Julia Hunt
Phillip Schofield attending the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Towcester. (David Davies/PA Images via Getty Images)

Phillip Schofield was left red-faced on This Morning when he accidentally referred to a sex toy shop instead of a travel firm.

The slip up occurred as the presenter and his co-host Holly Willoughby were talking to a caller on the ITV morning show about how the coronavirus pandemic had affected her planned trip abroad.

Meaning to say “Love Holidays”, Schofield instead said “Lovehoney”, a company which specialises in raunchy items for the bedroom.

Looking down at his notes, the 58-year-old TV star quickly realised his blunder, and both he and Willoughby started to giggle.

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“That is a whole different sort of package coming to your door!” quipped Schofield, as Willoughby clapped her hands over her mouth to try and contain her laughter and agreed that the package would be very different indeed.

Schofield then corrected himself and the pair swiftly got back to their chat about holidays with the viewer and money expert Martin Lewis.

People watching thought the error was absolutely hilarious, with many posting messages about it on social media.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby filming 'This Morning Live', at Birmingham NEC. (Tim Roney/Getty Images)

“Phillip Schofield talking about Lovehoney on British TV has made my entire day,” said one person.

“Phillip just when I thought I couldn't love ya anymore love honey was brilliant you my friend are an absolute legend,” said another.

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One tweeted that the slip up made them “proper howl,” while another tickled fan posted: “The joys of live TV, haven’t laughed that much in ages.”

One viewer quipped: “Phillip Schofied – who even are you?! That was hilarious!

“Hope you get a wee kick back on that one!”