Pharrell Told Me This Moisturizer Makes His Skin “Crazy” Hydrated, and 4 Editors Agree

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He said it makes his skin look "misted."

<p>Humanrace / Getty Images</p>

Humanrace / Getty Images

Watch Pharrell’s 2003 music video for “Frontin’” and then look at any recent photo or video of him and you’d think they were taken on the same day. The man is truly ageless and has been for as long as I can remember. Humanrace, the multihyphenate’s skincare brand is streamlined, unisex, inclusive, and effective — everything you’d hope from skincare products made by a man who ages as well as he does. And this week, Humanrace will launch a new 7D Mystifying Gel Moisturizer (and corresponding 7D Retrograde Gel Cleanser). Not only did four InStyle editors try the moisturizer, but Pharrell shared some insight about the newness as well.

Moisturizers are a dime a dozen, but the standout of Humanrace’s 7D Mystifying Gel Moisturizer is the seven different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid in its formula. Per the brand, it’s able to penetrate the different layers of your skin and provide more comprehensive, deep moisture that is far beyond being surface level.




“My skin started getting dry here in Paris, and the way the gel locks in the moisture and leaves my skin misted, which is what we say instead of dewy, is crazy,” Pharrell tells InStyle. As someone who has tried this moisturizer, I can tell you that despite this deep hydration, the formula is light as air, like a water cream with an almost-fluffy, gel texture that’s perfect for my dry yet oily skin.

“It’s all about hydration and being consistent with a simple skincare routine that you can commit to,” he said in response to my prodding about his glow and Dorian Gray-like youth. He added, “I’m very diligent about keeping my routine consistent and carving out that time daily to focus on my well-being in a genuine way.”

As for my own take on the new Humanrace 7D Mystifying Gel Moisturizer: Between my admiration of Pharrell and my love for gel-water moisturizers, I’m not exactly impartial. That being said — my skin is currently freaking out thanks to the endless testing I put it through. It’s dry, breaking out, oily, and dull. The Mystifying Moisturizer feels like a warm embrace and a shot of confidence in a tub. In addition to the seven types of hyaluronic acid, this Humanrace moisturizer is also formulated with niacinamide which improves skin texture, retains moisture, and heals. With continued use, 7D Mystifying Moisturizer has made my skin look poreless and plump.

My fellow editors are on the same page. “I typically layer a hyaluronic acid serum beneath most creams — to fend off midday dryness — but Humanrace’s Moisturizer proves to complexion-quenching enough on its own,” Sophie Wirt, beauty commerce writer for InStyle says. Taylor Jeffries, another beauty writer on the team, similarly shared, “its lightweight texture feels like a second skin and leaves a natural sheen to my face that doesn’t feel oily.” Lastly, InStyle writer Jailynn Taylor said 7D Mystifying Moisturizer is “a good base under foundation” and gave her a “moisturized, baby-soft, glazed-donut finish that lasted all day.”




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