A Petition Calling For Shops To Close On Boxing Day Is Here For You To Sign

Anna Lewis
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From Delish

It’s long been a tradition that people bound out of bed first thing on Boxing Day morning to go shopping in the sales.

But, unfortunately, that means that anyone who works in retail also has to bound out of bed (albeit, fairly less enthusiastically) so they can get to work.

Considering that Christmas is supposed to be about spending time with our families and not just getting the opportunity to buy a pair of socks 30% cheaper than usual, wouldn’t it be nice if shops stayed shut on Boxing Day?

With this in mind, a petition has been started on Change.org to say just that: stores should be closed on Boxing Day so people get at least two days off over Christmas.

Photo credit: Getty Images

The petition, which currently has 68,000 signatures, started after Home Bargains revealed that all its stores would be shut so its staff could relax over Christmas.

It told staff: “Thank you for your hard work this year. We will be closing all our stores on Boxing Day to give you the day off. We hope you enjoy the Christmas holiday.

And the customers were told: “All of stores will be closed on Boxing Day this year to give our hard-working staff some extra time off. They will reopen the day after Boxing Day. Thank you for understanding.”

Whether anything will actually come of this petition is unclear though, especially seeing as a similar petition was made in 2016. The signatures of 235,678 people made no difference when the petition was taken to the Commons Select Committee, and the government responded with: “We do not believe it is for central Government to tell businesses how to run their shops or how best to serve their customers.

“Therefore, we are not proposing to ban shops from opening on Boxing Day.”