Peter Andre shares his thoughts on Rebekah Vardy 'chipolata' comments

Pop singer Peter Andre shared an emotional video on Instagram to explain how he's feeling after a 2004 kiss and tell story about his anatomy resurfaced in the Wagatha Christie trial. Andre had a one-night stand with Rebekah Vardy who subsequently described his manhood as being like 'a miniature chipolata' in the News of the World, which she now admits was made up.

Video transcript

PETER ANDRE: Hi, everyone. Seeing as I haven't had much of a say in this and just let everyone have a laugh and whatever, whatever, I'm just going to put it out. 15 years this has been going on, and I kept quiet. I didn't say anything. And I let everyone have their laugh, and I let everyone say what they wanted to say.

OK, yes. Now she's gone to court and admitted that the story was made up, and she did that because her ex-husband forced her to do it. Fair enough. But put that all aside, and just think how it feels that if a man or if I had said this about her anatomy or a man said something about a woman's anatomy and made up something-- I don't know-- saying whatever-- I mean, you can use your imagination of saying something very unflattering-- there would be outrage.

There would be absolute outrage. But because it's being said about me, it's been the butt of all jokes, I've took it for 15 years. Some of you are going to go, oh, get over It, don't say anything, whatever. You've got to understand when it goes on and on and being brought up-- and what's even worse is it's brought up in a high court, and the lawyer is bringing it up, having a go at her for bringing up something in news of the world that went to 4 million people. And then it's brought up in court that goes to a lot more than 4 million people, and it's brought up again.

And the only one that sits there and takes hit after hit about it is me. And I've been laughing about it for a while, but think about how it would feel if it was the other way around. And that's all I'm saying. OK, yes, we all know now it was just a made-up story. Fine, fine, fine. It's a little more serious than that. And I think that it's not fair that something like this could happen again and again and again. And we talk about all sorts of things about mental health, about being kind, about all that sort of stuff, and nothing seems to change. So there you go.

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