This is how Pete Davidson is reportedly doing following Kim Kardashian split

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Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images

ICYMI, (which we're sure you did not) Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson recently called off their nine-month relationship due to their hectic work schedules and the constant distance between them. While their time together was somewhat brief, the famous pair still managed to make many headlines, including the now infamous Aladdin SNL scene and their Met Gala appearance where Kim sported Marilyn Monroe's *iconic* dress, but unfortunately, they couldn't make it work.

However, it now seems as though the 28-year-old comedian is ready to move on and start a new chapter in his life, as a source told US Weekly that "Pete is focusing on himself and his career right now and trying to make himself happy."

"He’s got a huge career ahead of him and has a ton of irons in the fire post-SNL," they continued. "He has a hugely ambitious streak. Pete wants to continue his standup comedy routine, and challenge himself with new acting roles. He enjoyed the experience in Australia a lot, really bonded with the cast and crew and is excited about the future."

If you didn't already know, Pete is currently shooting a new film Down Under called Wizards! and while the two were still together, Kim took the 15-hour trip to visit him. She even took drastic measures to make sure the pair had as much privacy as possible - asking her staff to sign NDAs and refusing to take selfies, sign autographs, or have paparazzi pics taken of her.

Tbh, having such a high-profile relationship where you're constantly under scrutiny and committed to intense work schedules seems like a full-time job in itself, so we're happy that Pete seems to be finding his feet again. We wish the pair all the happiness for the future!

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