Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly stripped off on Instagram Live

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If we'd told you two years ago how much we'd all be talking about Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson you'd have probably laughed in our faces, and yet, here we are; talking about Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson, again. And who can blame us? The pair took to Instagram Live yesterday as part of a Calvin Klein campaign on the brand's account, and without wasting much time both of them promptly stripped off and really worked those angles. Fans had *a few* thoughts.

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson know a thing or two about making headlines so it will come as no surprise to you that people are losing it over their latest Instagram appearance together, in which they stripped off down to their pants and fed each other popcorn.

The Live, which was streamed late last night (6 December) was part of a Calvin Klein campaign (so it makes sense that pants were involved), and started with the pair jokingly discussing the fact that they've been hired by the brand to be "sexy idiots," but Pete explains that they're "just idiots".

Then, Pete starts showing MGK the poses he uses for shoots before the duo end up both doing their best sexy poses with their trousers round their ankles. Popcorn fights and everything.

Obviously, fans went wild at the comedy stream, with many of them commenting on the Live and then responding to a post on the Calvin Klein grid a little while later.

"PLEASE give us more content we literally are begging of you for a real shoot even though this was pure gold 🔥," one person wrote, and another said, "this will break Instagram."

Great work, you two.

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