Pete Davidson hopes to remove all his tattoos by age 30

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Pete Davidson hopes he will have completed all of his laser treatments to remove his tattoos by the age of 30.

Back in May, the Saturday Night Live star shared that he is getting his collection of body art "burned off" as part of an effort to land more film roles.

But in a new interview with PeopleTV, Pete revealed that it will probably take another two to three years before his tattoos have entirely disappeared.

"We're shooting some stuff and it takes like a month for it to heal. But like it's pretty much off this hand," he shared, noting that it has been around "four or five months" since his last laser treatment. "I get my next treatment (in) like a month or so. They said by the time I'm 30, they should all be gone. So, they got like two more years left of this."

Pete opened up about the painful process of laser tattoo removal as part of a chat to promote his new advertisement for GLACEAU Smartwater, in which he jokes about some of his past regrets, including his living at home with his mother well into his twenties and an attempt at runway modelling.

"I've made a lot of questionable choices, and a couple of them need removing. Were all my bad decisions because I was dehydrated? I mean, maybe? Definitely not," he admitted in the commercial. "But now I'm trying to make smarter choices, hydrating with Smartwater and stuff like that."

The ad is for Smartwater's first-ever Rehydration Day campaign, which reminds Americans to rehydrate after letting loose after the Independence Day festivities.

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