Pete Davidson calls out Chrissy Teigen over bullying scandal on SNL

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Pete Davidson has joked about the impact of Chrissy Teigen’s recent involvement in a bullying scandal during a new episode of Saturday Night Live.

On Saturday, the SNL star appeared during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, where he shared some of the “good things” about the pandemic.

“If there’s one good thing about the pandemic, besides getting Chrissy Teigen out of our lives, it’s…” Davidson said, prompting mixed reactions from the crowd, with some laughing while others cheered.

The comedian then paused briefly to add: “I’m relieved” before continuing his joke about masks and his hope that they would have stopped people from recognising him.

Davidson’s joke referenced the recent social media hiatus of Teigen, which comes after she was accused of bullying and harrassing Courtney Stodden.

Stodden, who is nonbinary and uses gender-neutral pronouns, opened up about their experiences with the cookbook author during an interview with the DailyBeast.

In light of the accusations, resurfaced tweets showed that Teigen had continually tweeted offensive messages at Stodden when the reality star was just a teenager.

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Following backlash over her involvement, Teigen publicly apologised to Stodden, who responded in a message of their own that they appreciated the apology, but had not been able to see it, as they are blocked by Teigen on social media.

Since her May 12 apology, in which she also referred to her past self as an “insecure, attention-seeking troll,” Teigen has not posted on Twitter or Instagram.

On social media, Davidson’s joke was also met with mostly positive responses, with many applauding the 27-year-old for the dig.

“Pete Davidson roasting Chrissy Teigen is the best thing I’ve seen on SNL in years,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Pete is becoming the best cast member more and more each week.”

However, others were not as amused with the joke, with one person writing: “That was a super sh*tty shot Pete Davidson took at Chrissy Teigen right now about the pandemic getting her out of our lives, especially since he occupies the same space of ‘annoying celebrity who got famous for doing the bare minimum.’”

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